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Thursday, February 23, 2006

How to order custom made clothes on-line

I ran across a site where you can order a "custom" dress on-line. Said site can be found here: http://www.dressbydesign.com/ For $189 you get to to select all kinds of parameters. Floor length corduroy ball gown anyone?

This reminds me that Levis use to have a site where you could order custom made jeans. I think it was called "original spin". The page seems to redirect to their current splash page now.

If you have that perfect pair of jeans IC3D Jeans will "copy" them for you for $100. The site is a little weird, but I like the concept.

Nike has a level of customization with their NIKEiD line. The ones I mocked up ended up looking like clown shoes.

I think I am going to search around for more along the lines of dress by design. A dress shirt maker would be cool... Feel free to send in your findings!

Update: It looks like Lands' End does custom shirts! Starting at $50 and they save your info for re-ordering.


Anonymous Ian said...

I'm disappointed that Lands' End makes you choose a single fabric for the entire shirt rather than allowing different panels in different colors.

Your post reminded me that in the good old days of Sehome High School in the early 90's, Jason Gacek used some pre-internet mail-in form to create some orange/orange/orange custom Vans to go with his orange pants and orange shirt. Turns out you can still make them: http://shop.vans.com

10:26 PM

Blogger Erik said...

look at that! alas the orange/orange/orange no longer seems to be an option. the toecap and heel counter don't come in orange... just the tounge and quater do. Ah Ha! you must be talking about the slip-ons. I was looking at the "custom old skool".

11:16 PM

Blogger Tarek said...

nice idea,

12:52 PM


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