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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

How to get rid of ants.

Living in the Northwest, ants in the home aren't that big of an issue unless god forbid they are the dreaded carpenter ants. When I lived in a more southern latitude (Athens,GA) ants were a lot more common around the house.

I was browsing around on the DIY Tribe the other day and came across a post on ants. I thought I would collate some of the more interesting solutions here.

  • uncooked instant quick grits. (they take it back to the queen and it blows her guts apart)
  • finely powdered diatomaceous earth. (it cuts up their exoskeleton and they bleed to death and dry out -workers only)
  • pepper. Black, red, chili, whatever you got. They just don't like it.
  • borax and sugar mixed together. Kills. (dangerous to pets -beware)
  • mint oil.
  • cinnamon.

There were quite a few commercial products that got rave reviews too, but I found these "home remedies" more interesting.